Aidan Phelan photographed by Kevn Lee of Greta Heritage Group.

A Guide to Australian Bushranging is written and maintained by Aidan Phelan. Aidan is a long time bushranger and history buff who has spent years researching and collecting stories about the colourful characters of Australian history with particular emphasis on Ned Kelly and more recently Captain Moonlite and Daniel Morgan.

Portrait of Andrew Scott colourised by Aidan Phelan

Aidan is in the process of writing several books on bushrangers and volunteered on The Legend of Ben Hall in various capacities. He is also in the development stages for his own screenplays Morgan and The Tragedy of Captain Moonlite.

“Morgan Captured” by Aidan Phelan

A Guide to Australian Bushranging is the culmination of a passion for history, story telling, and Australian culture. Aidan has a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma in Education. When not reading or writing about bushrangers he is a father, student and artist.

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